How To Get Perfect Brows

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How To Get Perfect Brows

Hi Loves, Let’s talk about how to get perfect brows! 😉 When doing a makeup application on myself and clients, I always spend time working on the brows. Why you ask? Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face, as they frame the eyes. Without a good frame, there will be no focus to beautiful eyes and gorgeous eye makeup.

  • Tip: The beginning of the eyebrow is determined by the inner brow line, which extends from the tear duct upward. 
Sigma Beauty Brow Tweezer

Sigma Beauty Brow Tweezer

This means that any unwanted stray hairs past that point should be cleaned up. Be sure to use a really good tweezer to remove these hairs. I really like to use the Brow Tweezer by Sigma. This tweezer is designed with a pointed angled edge for easy and accurate removal to create well defined brows. Be sure to tweeze between the brows for a polished look too!

  • Tip: When drawing the eyebrow, follow the growth pattern of the hair. Start at the inner brow, continue to the arch, and then to the outer brow.
Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil - Clean Cut

Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil – Clean Cut

You can easily begin drawing your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Since I’m light blonde, I use a shade that is light and ashy called Clean Cut. For those with darker blonde or brown hair that is looking for a medium shade, Dressed Up is a great eyebrow pencil to use. If you are looking to give more warmth to the brow, look no further; the shade Elevate is perfect. For those with black hair, I would suggest using Top Shelf, which is a warm dark brown shade.

  • Tip: Filling in the eyebrow can give it a finished natural appearance and add dimension. 
Sigma E75 - Angled Brow

Sigma E75 – Angled Brow

There are many ways to fill in eyebrows. You may use a pencil, powder, or a combination of both. As a Makeup Artist, I use the combination method to get the most perfect brows. When using powder, be sure to start at the inner brow line, using an E75 Angled Brow brush. Use an even amount of pressure following the brow hairs in their natural direction up toward the arch to the outer brow. Once you get to the outer brow, be sure to draw a line that tapers to a point.

Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo - Medium

Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo – Medium

Choosing the proper color to fill in the eyebrows is dependent on what look you are tying to achieve. These are my recommendations: For light hair, use Brow Powder Duo – Lightbrown hair, use Brow Powder Duo – Medium; dark hair and black hair use Brow Powder Duo – Dark; and for red hair use Brow Powder Duo – Auburn. What’s a great brow without a highlight?

  • Tip: Highlight directly under the eyebrow on the brow bone working from inside corner of the eye, toward the arch, ending at the outside edge of the brow. 
Sigma Brow Highlight Duo - Goddess Glow

Sigma Brow Highlight Duo – Goddess Glow

When I’m highlighting, I like to use a combination of a matte and a shimmer. I apply the shimmer directly under the arch of the brow to really enhance the look. Some of my favorite Brow Highlight Duos are: Bring To Light – a soft creamy nude and neutral sandy shimmer; Goddess Glow – a creamy cantaloupe and natural golden shimmer; Ray of Light – a buttery yellow and candlelit shimmer glow; Well Lit – a cool petal pink and subtle apricot. Yes, I own all 4 of them and can’t live without! 😉 ♥

Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit - Medium

Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit – Medium

You can simplify your life with these amazing Brow Expert Kits. I would suggest for light blondes to use the Brow Expert Kit – Light; brown hair to use Brow Expert Kit – Medium, and dark hair Brow Expert Kit – Dark. These kits contain the 7 fundamental tools and tints needed to arch, shape, and groom to get the perfect brow! Take a peek at the brows I created on model/actress Aubrey Evans (photos below)! As always, thank you so much for reading!

Perfect Brows

Makeup by Me:
Debra Johnson
Aubrey Evans
Dondee Quincena

♥ Debra Johnson Makeup Artist Orange County, California

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