Lashes 101

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Lashes 101

Hi Everyone!

As you may know, I frequently teach makeup lessons, which I absolutely love doing! :) There are a few items regarding eyelashes that come up in each makeup lesson which I’d like to focus on today. Let’s get into it: Lashes 101.

One of the techniques that I explain to each student is how to properly curl eyelashes. I know, it may seem simple to you, just curl and go … but are you really getting the most out of your eyelashes?

Why curl? Curling your eyelashes will create the illusion of having longer lashes, provide an attractive curve, and open up the eye.

Using the proper eyelash curling technique is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Look down slightly, place the curler at the base of the upper lid.
  2. Squeeze down gently on your lashes.
  3. Hold for a few seconds and release, but do not remove the eyelash curler.
  4. Repeat step number 3 as you move toward the ends of the lashes; this action is called “walking”. This technique is done so that you don’t get a dent in the lashes and will keep the curve consistent.

Complete the look with your favorite mascara! This is another technique I teach during the makeup lesson. When you want to thicken or lengthen your lashes, a cream mascara works best.

  1. Add mascara to the wand and then hold the wand horizontal.
  2. Apply mascara to your top lashes starting at the base and move outward toward the ends. You may use a side to side motion at the base of the lash to separate eyelashes and make them appear more full.
  3. Make sure to cover each lash from inside near the tear duct to the outer corner.
  4. Add more mascara to the wand.
  5. Apply mascara to the bottom lashes, starting from the base to the tips.

If you want thicker lashes, add a second coat of mascara. If mascara clumping occurs, no problem! Sweep an eyelash comb through to remove the excess.

Feel confident every day batting those gorgeous lashes!

Lashes 101

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