Tip For Glitter Lovers!

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Tip For Glitter Lovers!

When you see glitter and pigments, do your eyes light up like a little kid in a candy store? Mine do! ūüėČ Love sparkly makeup, but not exactly sure how to apply these products? Is your face and bathroom counter covered with shimmer afterward?Tip For Glitter

  • TIP – When¬†applying glitter and pigments, spray your brush with either a finishing spray like¬†MAC Fix+ or lightly dampen with water. This will ensure the product adheres to the brush and provides better placement.¬†Make sure to use a good eye base so that the glitter and pigments stick to¬†avoid fall out.¬†

Perfect tip for glitter lovers! Enjoy!

‚ô• Debra Johnson Makeup Artist Orange County, California

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