Jouer Haul

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Jouer Haul

Hi Loves,

I had a few minutes to film a makeup haul for you before heading out to do makeup for a photoshoot. Jouer (zhew-ey) means “to play” in French. This brand is all about beauty and style, keeping makeup fun and simple. In my Jouer Haul, I talk about products that I received such as lipsticks, highlighters, and foundations. As soon as I opened the box, I tried on the Essential Lip Enhancer and the Hydrating Lipstick in the shade Whitney (such a pretty color)! My lips felt really moisturized. I love the fact that you can connect all of the products together in a compact way, perfect for my kit as a pro makeup artist. I’m excited to test out the rest of the products soon! ♥

Jouer Haul

Here is a list of the products I showed in my video:

Ready To Wear Cool Collection
Ready To Wear Warm Collection
Essential Lip Enhancer
Hydrating Lipsticks: Whitney, Meg, and Meredith
Moisturizing Lipgloss: Mirage, Nude, Monaco
Highlighter Tiare
Glisten Brightening Powder
Bronzer Suntan
Powder Blush Blossom
Powder Blush Peony
Mineral Powder Perle Naturel
Mineral Powder Perle d’ Ivoire
Mineral Powder Perle Fonce
Age Repairing Perfector Creme
Age Repairing Perfector Naturel
Age Repairing Perfector Honey
Age Repairing Perfector Tan
Age Repairing Perfector Chestnut
Luminizing Moisture Tint Pearl
Luminizing Moisture Tint Golden
Luminizing Moisture Tint Bronzed
Matte Moisture Tint Linen
Matte Moisture Tint Nude
Matte Moisture Tint Hazel

Here’s the Jouer Haul video:

Promo Codes:

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Free US shipping on orders $50+

When filming, I like to use the Diva Ring Light Super Nova and Rode Video Mic Pro.

Some are affiliate links.

♥ Debra Johnson Makeup Artist Orange County, California

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